Tank Mountain Strainer

Description :

Fluid Tech Hydraulics is one of the leading manufacturer of Tank Mountain Strainer (either suction or return) can be installed through a tank top by welding a standard bell reducer (coupling) over a hole cut in the top. A standpipe, threaded into the coupling, need be only long enough to stay below the lowest fluid level encountered .The strainer may be removed for servicing without draining the tank. tank-mounted strainers and diffusers install through the side wall, or through the hole in which they are mounted, and access to the tank interior is three styles: for suction straining, return –line straining, or return-line diffusion. Diffusers have no wire cloth elements ; and pump cavitations caused by flow disturbance at the pump inlet. Strainer elements are offered in 30, 60, 100, or 200 mesh size. Bypass relief valves can be supplied, built in.

These products most commonly have a male NPT, to mount to the tank. A male SAE straight-thread is also offered. Several methods of connection fluid lines exist,The most common being into a female NPT. (A female SAE straight thread is also offered.) Hose connections, either beaded or barbed, are available too. There’s a wide choice of materials of construction The standard ( and least costly) units have a cast iron bushing , steel wire cloth element. Also offered are models with forged steel bushings, or an all –welded, all stainless steel unit (no epoxy).